Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba Degree College
Tadikonda -522 236 Guntur Dt.,
(Managed By His Holiness Sri Jayendrasaraswathi Swamygal Golden Jubilee Chritable Trust, Kanchipuram.)

Principal Desk


The prestigious institution is headed by Principal, Smt. N.Marry Suvarna Latha, who has a vast experience in teaching as well as administration, is sparing no efforts to give a face lift to the college and also to motivate the staff and students towards reaching new heights in teaching-learning and also upkeep of the institution. She wants to put the institution on the academic map of the University in the top place.
The Principal are the leaders who have been enthusing the staff in respect of discipline, punctuality, regularity, rapport with students, updating their knowledge and teaching skills. Due to their immense efforts, this college has been one of the reputed institutions under Nagarjuna University.